Welcome to Onboard Fitness. Make fitness a part of your crew.

Maintain Your Active Lifestyle Outside the Gym

Whether itís at home, or on your boat, equipment or no equipment, our fitness programs will get you the results you desire.

Workouts Designed Around Your Life and Personalized for Your Fitness Level

We create a unique fitness program for each member based on information you provide. Exercise experience, overall health, personal goals, and equipment availability are a few of the factors we use to create your personal program.

Minimal Space, Maximum Results

Onboard Fitness creates personalized workout programs specifically designed for boaters in tight quarters. Our workouts not only get you in shape, but also strengthen key muscles commonly used while boating.

The Benefits of Exercise Last a Lifetime

The healthier you keep yourself, the longer you will be able to enjoy life aboard your boat.
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Why Choose Us?
Designed by boaters for boaters.
Fitness should be a part of your lifestyle, no matter where you are.
We are degreed and certified fitness professionals.
Our programs are specifically designed for each member's fitness level Whether you are a day sailor, live aboard, or a world cruiser; everyone can benefit from our programs.
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Onboard Exercise of Month
Watch this video to preview what some of our exercise programs may involve. All of our exercise programs are custom tailored for your needs by our certified personal trainer.
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